Cashback shopping policy

To ensure your cashback is successfully credited, please follow the basic terms and conditions of purchases with cashback:

1- More like advice than rules 🙂 #

Install the browser extension. It will remind you to cash back before completing your purchases and let you know if the cashback has been activated successfully.

2- Disable other browser extensions #

Some extensions may replace store links and take your whole cashback. In particular, these are some of the extensions we found: Adblock, FriGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, as well as VPN / Proxy / Socks extensions, among others. Where possible, disable all third-party extensions in the browser that you use to complete purchases with cashback.

3- Shop in a single browser session #

Make purchases immediately after transferring from Extra Discount. If you switch to the store website, add / delete items from your cart, close the site, return it within an hour and complete your purchase, there is a chance that no cashback will be added. In order not to lose the items you want, you can add them to "My Wish List" or "Favorites". The item can be added to your cart after the transfer from Extra Discount.

4- Use promotional codes only from Extra Discount #

When using promotional codes, coupons, discounts, reward points and points programs that we do not have on the site, as well as when paying with a card that contains a cashback function or a bank rewards program, cashback may not be deposited. When ordering from Ali Express, price corrections by sellers or individual discounts can also be a reason for losing your cashback.

5- Cashback is restricted to the actual amount paid for the product #

Most stores offer a fee for the actual amount paid for a product - without the cost of shipping or deducting the amount from discounts, coupons, promotional codes, reward points, and used store credits.

6- Learn the specifics of the stores #

Before shopping, familiarize yourself with the specific terms, conditions, and tariffs of the store. If the store has specific terms about crediting cashback, we'll publish this information on the store page. As they say - knowledge is power!

7- Shopping on mobile devices or applications #

More cashback is lost on purchases made on mobile devices than on computers. This is due to the fact that mobile sites in many stores do not have the special code required to fix and track cashback. When possible, make your purchases from a computer.

8- If your cashback is often lost: #

Tip # 1: Try to complete your entire order within one hour of switching from our service or activating the cashback in the browser extension, without going to other pages or tabs. This will protect you from replacing store links with other extensions and programs.

Tip # 2: Try to use a separate browser to shop with cashback. Just install our browser extension on it and do not use this browser to go to other sites, except for Extra Discount site and partner stores that you use to make purchases.

Tip # 3: Before shopping, close all browser tabs and clear cookies. To do this, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete. The date period that you need to clear is - “Clear history completely”.

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